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Webinar: Key takeaways from the PFAS public consultation

Published on 06 Oct 2023

Thursday, October 12
15:00-15:45 (CEST)

5,600. That’s how many replies ECHA received during the public consultation period for the EU’s PFAS restriction proposal. Never before have so many replies been sent in, showcasing the huge interest in the PFAS issue.

Tune in to our webinar on October 12 to get the ins and outs of this record-breaking public consultation, find out what we chose to focus on in our reply and — last but not least — get valuable insights about the restriction proposal from a legal perspective.

Expect to learn:

What to make of this historic public consultation
What the main takeaways from ChemSec’s reply were
All about the legal aspect of the PFAS restriction proposal


Dr. Anna Lennquist, Senior Toxicologist at ChemSec
Dr. Jonatan Kleimark, Senior Chemicals and Business Advisor at ChemSec
Hélène Duguy, Lawyer at Client Earth