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By constantly asking for more scientific evidence that a chemical is toxic, chemical producers can block the ban of chemicals for decades.


Some chemical producers and industries are deliberately slowing down the regulatory process to keep their chemicals in the market for as long as possible. By asking for more studies of problematic chemicals and pointing out problems with existing data, it is possible to delay chemical laws for a very long time.
Within the EU’s chemical legislation, there are several expert groups that evaluate chemicals suspected of being toxic, and if needed, regulations may be imposed. However, in many cases, the outcome of these groups is often requests for more data from the industry to clarify concerns rather than immediate regulation.
Most chemicals discussed in these groups remain unregulated due to a lack of information or postponement. All the while, it is perfectly legal to use these chemicals in consumer products, even though scientists believe they are toxic to human health or the environment.
When it’s determined that more data is needed, industries are given several years to comply. In addition, the industry also objects to many of these requests, further extending the time a chemical can be used.
Finding the right balance in evaluating things is crucial for improving our rules and regulations. Although having more information is good, waiting for a complete picture can be unrealistic. Instead, using the precautionary principle is better, which means we can still make decisions even when we’re not 100 percent sure about everything.

Reference: https://chemsec.org/reports/pick-up-the-pace/#the-slower-the-process-the-happier-chemical-industry-lobbyists

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Let’s not put the chemical crisis off to the next generation.

We call on policy makers in the EU to take action against toxic chemicals in our nature, air, water and bodies. We ask them to:

  • Fully implement the European Union’s promises on its Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability to ensure a toxic-free Europe by 2030
  • A special focus must be to fix the outdated chemicals control law, REACH, to ensure the fast track banning of the most harmful chemicals in consumer products
  • Fully implement the European Union’s action plan to phase out PFAS, including support and facilitate the universal ban of PFAS as well as banning PFAS in sectoral legislations such as toys, cosmetics, packaging and food contact materials.
  • Aid communities affected by forever chemical pollution and ensure thorough monitoring, remediation, ground sanitation, health and other plans in response to their needs. Make polluting PFAS manufacturers and related companies accountable for these.

This petition is done together with several European environmental organisations.