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Man-made chemicals are literally everywhere – in clothes, electronics, furniture, plastics, cosmetics and thousands of other everyday items. No wonder that the chemical industry is booming!


Many of these chemicals are in fact toxic. But don’t worry, we are Hoogenboezem-Fisher – a PR & lobby firm specialised in greenwashing chemical producers.

"To us, toxic chemicals is not 
a problem – it's a challenge!"

John Hoogenboezem, 
founding father of Hoogenboezem-Fisher, 1971

Three reasons you should hire us

Serenity Now!

Measurable levels of hundreds of man-made chemicals are routinely found in people, regardless of age or where they live. Over 80% of European citizens are worried about toxic chemicals in everyday products – we can help ease their minds!

We Give Greta a Fight

Chemicals are rapidly becoming the largest driver of global oil demand and thereby fueling the so-called “climate crisis”. The other side got Greta Thunberg. You can have Hoogenboezem-Fisher.

Exposure Matters

Some chemical companies are falling out of the fold and are starting to consider toxic chemicals as, well, toxic. Now more than ever the rest of us need to stick to our story: Exposure Matters!

Testimonials – Our clients just love us!

Killer Comebacks

“Are your company and the chemicals you produce a target for smear campaigns by nasty NGOs? No problem. Hoogenboezem-Fisher helped us change the conversation. ‘Salt can kill you too!’ and ‘People die in road accidents as well, but I don’t see you wanting to ban cars!’ were two killer comebacks they came up with. Now we use these comebacks all the time when someone questions our chemicals!”

Marilyn Weissmuller, CEO, Forever Chemicals Incorp.

Say it with a Cartoon

“We wanted to build on the long-standing industry tradition of producing cartoons for adults, but with a narrator that sounds like he’s talking to children, playing down the urgency of toxic chemicals in consumer products. The result was astonishing – Hoogenboezem-Fisher managed to produce an extremely bland film totally void of any actual details!”

Bob Dole, Head of Marketing, Fantastic Plastic gmbh

Stallin' and Ballin'

“We produce a whitening chemical used in sunscreen which is kind of… carcinogenic, and legislators were about to ban it. With the help of Hoogenboezem-Fisher, we arranged more than 20 times as many meetings with policy officials, as compared to civil society groups. The strategy was to swarm the meetings with many of our guys and stall the political process. It worked like a charm and today this chemical still allowed in sunscreen!”

Marcus Ted Easa, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Titanium Dioxide and Co.
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We are ChemSec – a leading NGO in the field of chemicals and sustainability

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