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ChemSec Business Group

The ChemSec Business Group is a collaboration among companies working together to inspire concrete progress on toxic use reduction. It gathers market-leading companies, across a diversity of sectors, for the development of effective corporate practice in the substitution of hazardous substances. It also raises public awareness of companies’ efforts to be drivers on this issue.

At a meeting in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2004, ChemSec laid the foundation for closely communicating and collaborating with industry. The goal was to find common ground between ChemSec’s pursuit of a toxic free environment and individual companies’ ambitions to be successful and more sustainable in their operations.

Seizing an opportunity

The ChemSec Business Group was thus established as a forum for downstream enterprises, such as retailers, manufacturers of consumer goods, etc., that are working together defining and raising the bar on toxics use reduction. These progressive companies have expressed either being positive towards stricter chemicals legislation and/or they are actively seeking to avoid hazardous substances in their production, regardless of legislative development, but rather as a response to consumer demand, risk management, and other responsible business priorities.

Internally the group serves its participants, all engaged in sustainability issues, to meet, discuss, and achieve a greater understanding of the challenges they face in terms of chemicals policies and management. Companies active within very different sectors of industry nonetheless often face similar challenges, and can apply similar solutions. Accordingly, the group is non-sector-specific and actually seeks a diversity of sector representation.

Driving the debate and spreading the message

The group is also a platform for public activities or partnership opportunities aimed at promoting the understanding of, and providing solutions to, emerging chemicals issues. The objective is to drive the debate as well as increase engagement in chemicals related issues.

Since it began in 2004, the group has held annual meetings, in Gothenburg, Copenhagen, London, Stockholm and (again) London, as well as organised and carried out a number of activities within the area of progressive chemicals policies. These include seminars in the European Parliament, business-to-business conferences as well as producing a number of publications demonstrating the business sense of sustainable chemicals policies in industry. The ChemSec Business Group has also been actively involved in the development of the SIN List, a list developed by ChemSec containing Substances of Very High Concern in accordance with the criteria laid out in the EU chemicals regulation REACH.

ChemSec does not accept payment or donations from any of our corporate partners.