See who was at the ChemSec event in Brussels!
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See who was at the ChemSec event in Brussels!

On November 14, ChemSec held an event called “Ready, Set, Substitute It Now!” in Brussels. The full-day event included messages from policy makers, inspiration from progressive companies and hard facts from scientists, as well as panel discussions and workshops on how to best substitute hazardous chemicals.

Oh, and we also launched the new SIN List websites with additional chemicals added to it. What stood out was the addition of two highly debated chemical groups – PMTs and nanomaterials.



Here are Powerpoint presentations from the event:

Sjoerd Dijkstra

Nannett Aust by Hans Peter Arp

Martin Scheringer

Malene Teller Blume

Jaqueline Alvarez

Anna Lennquist



Videos of the presentations can be found here.



Click on the photos and see who was there!