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Veolia joins the ChemSec Business Group to tackle hazardous chemicals in supply chains

Chemical Industry

Veolia joins the ChemSec Business Group to tackle hazardous chemicals in supply chains

Dealing with hazardous chemicals in waste is poised to be one of the most critical sustainability issues in the coming decade. As one step to tackle this challenge, the environmental service company Veolia now joins the likes of Apple and Ikea in the ChemSec Business Group, aiming to reduce the amount of hazardous chemicals in the global supply chain.

Published on 13 Jun 2024

“We’re delighted to have Veolia on board. The company’s extensive knowledge of waste management will be a game-changer for the Business Group. We’re excited to learn more about the challenges and opportunities connected to hazardous chemicals in the waste phase”, comments Dr Jonatan Kleimark, project manager of the ChemSec Business Group

Hazardous chemicals in waste have been a longstanding sustainability issue, even though the discussion about chemical production has gotten most of the spotlight. Nevertheless, to tackle the subject of circular economy and prepare for possible future legislation, many brands are committing to increasing the use of recycled material in their products

“Establishing non-toxic waste streams will be the key to scaling up the circular economy”

Dr Jonatan Kleimark

“There is great demand for post-consumer recycled materials driven by corporate commitments. To meet this demand, and for brands to fulfil their commitments to become more sustainable, the production of recycled material needs to increase drastically”, says Dr Kleimark.

“To realise this goal, there need to be waste management companies that see the potential in recycling materials without hazardous chemicals. Establishing these non-toxic waste streams will be the key to scaling up the circular economy.”

In addition to the business case for non-toxic waste management, legislative action on recycled materials has been in focus in recent years. The recently adopted Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, which includes the goal of toxic-free material cycles, along with the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation, should accelerate the development of tools that increase transparency regarding chemicals in materials. This will facilitate recycling processes.

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As an environmental services company, Veolia plays a critical role in supporting both public and private sectors in transitioning towards safer chemical alternatives in the global supply chain. The company’s decision to join the ChemSec Business Group reflects its understanding of this important issue.

“Through collaboration with the ChemSec Business Group and engagement with other sectors, Veolia is a key partner in driving and accelerating the chemical transition, as a brick of the ecological transformation and other transitions as economical, industrial and social transitions. This is part of our new strategic plan GreenUp which aims to accelerate ecological transformation while preserving human health and ecosystems, for a safer and more sustainable future”, says Ismahane Remonnay, Head of Prospective & Regulatory Affairs at Veolia.

About the ChemSec Business Group

The ChemSec Business Group is a collaboration among companies working together to inspire concrete progress on toxic use reduction. It gathers market-leading companies across a diversity of sectors for the development of effective corporate practices in the substitution of hazardous substances. It also raises public awareness of companies’ efforts to be drivers on this issue.

About ChemSec

Founded in 2002, ChemSec — the International Chemical Secretariat — is an independent non-profit organisation that advocates for a world free from hazardous chemicals. ChemSec drives the development of more progressive chemicals legislation and pushes businesses to have more sustainable chemicals management. The organisation receives financial support from the Swedish Government, charity foundations, private individuals and other non-profit organisations.

About Veolia

Veolia’s ambition is to become the benchmark company for ecological transformation. With nearly 218,000 employees on five continents, the Group designs and deploys useful, practical solutions for managing water, waste and energy that help to radically change the world. Through its three complementary activities, Veolia contributes to developing access to resources, preserving available resources and renewing them. In 2023, the Veolia group served 113 million people with drinking water and 103 million with wastewater services, produced 42 terawatt-hours of energy and recovered 63 million metric tons of waste. Veolia Environnement (Paris Euronext: VIE) generated consolidated sales of €45.3 billion in 2023. www.veolia.com

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