Webinar: How your company can move faster towards sustainable chemistry
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Webinar: How your company can move faster towards sustainable chemistry

Phasing out hazardous chemicals from production is difficult, time-consuming and expensive, right? Actually, finding safer and sustainable alternatives is not as cumbersome as you think; you just need the right tools and resources.

This webinar, hosted jointly by ChemSec and ChemFORWARD, featuring Apple’s Environmental Technologies Smarter Chemistry Lead Art Fong, aims at arming you and your organization with the best tools and methods available in the fight against harmful chemicals.

The tools that will be showcased can be used as a foundation for companies to create a responsible chemicals management strategy, including guidelines for internal communications around the issue of problematic chemicals in products, as well as resources for finding and assessing safer alternatives.

What you can expect to learn:

  • How ChemSec’s ChemCoach can help you find, identify and phase out hazardous chemicals
  • How ChemFORWARD’s globally harmonized repository of chemical hazard assessments helps manufacturers to formulate their products with safer ingredients and chemical suppliers to advance their verified safer alternatives
  • How to find safe and sustainable alternatives at ChemSec’s Marketplace


When: Wednesday, November 3, 4:00 PM CET / 11:00 AM ET / 08:00 AM PT
Length: 60 minutes
Platform: Zoom
Speakers: Dr. Art Fong, Environmental Technologies Smarter Chemistry Lead, Apple Inc.
Dr. Lauren Heine, Co-founder and Director of Science & Data Integrity, ChemFORWARD
Dr. Jonatan Kleimark, Senior Chemicals and Business Advisor, ChemSec

Please note! This webinar will not be recorded, but the slides will be made available afterwards.